Our philosophy

"We continue where others don't".

We do not content ourselves to treat only the visible symptoms but we show the patient how to observe oneself in all his or her personal every day complexity in order to re-find a new feeling of self. At the very latest this is where most other treatments stop and it’s precisely there where we pick up and go further.

We pay attention to you and your bodily language in order for you to be able again to experience the connection between body, mind and spirit. On this three-dimensionality our treatment and counselling are based.

Our goal is to revive and support the lost ability of the body to auto regulate and this way increase its capability to self-healing.

Holistic treatment means that we take in account all the elements that contribute to an illness and include every one of them in the healing process. We learn through observational, mindfulness and breathing exercises to connect to ones inner self again and activate ones own inner healing (Salutogenese). This way the patient will obtain a tool with which he will be able to observe all the current and subsequent symptoms that may appear and treat them correctly and independently. We want to give the patient the possibility through the connection with oneself, accompanied by our professional monitoring, to work by oneself, for oneself.

Our clinic offers you an individual set up in a quiet atmosphere where you can concentrate deliberately on your body’s signals and where you can find your personal oasis of peace.